A cryptocurrency for gamers by gamers

Respawn will change the gaming industry by offering decentralized and irreversible payment options for gamers. We will be releasing our own streaming platform, our own decentralized marketplace, our own tournament system, and our own crypto education app which will reward you in respawn to learn about the blockchain.


We want to help spread the word about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology so we are creating an app that will help teach new adopters. The app will reward the users in Respawn Tokens we set aside from the premine so there is an incentive to learn!


Our very own platform for gamers who want to earn while live streaming. We will allow users to tip streamers live in Respawn Tokens.


Use our platform to organize your own tournament or compete in our own sponsored tournaments. Win prizes from our partners and of course a chance to win some Respawn Tokens.


Buy or Sell your favorite games, in game points, currency, or anything else gaming related with no chance of chargebacks and free inbuilt escrow system.


July 2018

  • Respawn Network Launch

August 2018

  • Exchange Listing
  • Additional Listings
    (Stat sites, masternode monitoring, etc)

September 2018

  • Marketplace Release
  • Education App Development
  • Whitepaper

December 2018

  • Education App Release on iOS & Android
  • Exchange Listing

November 2018

  • Streaming Platform Full Release
  • eSport Platform Release

October 2018

  • Streaming Platform Beta Release
  • Begin eSport Platform Development

January 2019

  • Worldwide Marketing Campaign
  • First Respawn Sponsored LAN Event
  • Android / iOS Wallet
Algorithm XEVAN
Minting Proof-of-Stake / Masternode
Block Time 60 seconds
Total Supply 15,000,000 RSP
Block Reward 28 RSP
MN Collateral 7000 RSP